Photo package with 6 photos | package 3


These 6 photos are made in the new refugee camp on the island of Lesvos in 2020. It’s the new RIC camp and temporarily according to the Greek government.

Caring about people who fled their homes is not enough. It is time to show the inhumane conditions these people live in, the hopelessness of their situation and create awareness. We can do that by words in articles, social media posts and blogs. But words aren’t gonna cover it. Words tell, photos show and together they are very powerful in getting the message across and spreading information.

So, I understand when people ask me if they can use my photos in their social media posts, on their website or in school papers. And I’m very honoured that my photos are making such an impact. However, as a photographer I of course also have expenses. Therefore I’m asking a little contribution for my work. You can use these photos in non-commercial ways and without any editing. 50% of the profit will go back to the people in the camps.

If you want to use photos commercially, please get in contact with me via:


The photos are made with the consent of the person in the photo or the parents of the children in the photos. 50% of the revenue will be given back to the people in the camp, the other 50% will be used by the photographer to keep doing this work. Photos show the situation, they are incredibly important to show inhumane conditions and keep asking for attention.

How to use the photos?

The photos cannot be cropped or otherwise edited. It is allowed to use the photos in presentations, demonstrations, essays, schoolpapers and on social media, in all cases the name of the photographer must be visible and on social media the photographer @by.milene must be tagged. The photos can not be used for commercial use (for example to ask for donations, promote a product or a social media campaign). If you want to use photos in this case please contact the photographer. If you are not sure if you can use the photos in the way you want do contact the photographer via:


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