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Milene van Arendonk, a Netherlands-based documentary photographer, possesses a profound passion for anthropology.

Her photography centers on illuminating social issues and cultural nuances that define human behavior. With a keen interest in documenting migrations, Milene captures the interplay between diverse cultures and their interconnectedness.

Her extensive portfolio spans various global regions, often venturing into remote destinations, while also exploring the captivating aspects of her home, The Hague.

Through her lens, Milene seeks to uncover the hidden stories and shared experiences that bridge communities across borders.

On the run

Profound silence


Milene takes very striking photos that really make an impact. You can clearly see that she has a heart for the subjects and people she captures. Her emotion is radiating from the images. She understands the art of taking photos that reflect both the seriousness of the situation as the human side of the story.

Rebecca van de Kar

Communication Officer, Boat Refugee Foundation

It was an honour and a pleasure to work with Milene. It is truly inspiring to see how Milene is using her talent for storytelling; engaged and commited. We were lucky she was able to contribute her talent to our project. Great photos with a keen eye for people. Hope we can work with her again! 

Sander van Bussel

Founder, Human Rights Tattoo