Volleyballclinic with Nootsara in Thailand

As the sun bathed the Thai countryside in warmth, I documented an enchanting journey with Let’s Keep the Ball Flying. Alongside Lesley, we ventured to a village three hours north of Bangkok, guided by the legendary Thai volleyball player, Nootsara.

In the heart of this charming village, where palm trees swayed and farmlands stretched, a pristine volleyball court awaited our mission. Gear from the Dutch women’s team and special jerseys crafted with Volleyball World set the stage for a unique cultural exchange, captured through my lens.

With the scorching sun overhead, Nootsara led a transformative volleyball clinic alongside Lesley. Through my camera, I framed moments of joy as children discovered the art of the game, from catching and passing to the exhilarating feeling of hitting the ball over the net.

Pride gleamed on the children’s faces, reflecting the transformative power of sports. Beyond volleyball, it was a day of self-discovery and empowerment, guided by Nootsara’s expertise and Lesley’s vision.

As the clinic unfolded, the village embraced Let’s Keep the Ball Flying’s spirit, where volleyball served as a universal language. The dusty field became a stage for newfound skills, friendships, and shared moments that transcended cultural boundaries.

In the end, Lesley’s journey with Nootsara exemplified Let’s Keep the Ball Flying’s essence. As we aspire to create a world where the ball keeps flying for all, it’s these magical moments of cultural exchange and connection that fuel our mission.

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