Volleyballclinic in Bataan, Philippines with Spike & Serve

Embarking on this journey with Let’s Keep The Ball Flying (LKTB) to the vibrant landscapes of Bataan, Philippines, was a symphony of empowerment and shared dreams. Armed with my camera, every click echoed the vision of LKTB—a world where volleyball transcends boundaries, creating positive change in communities.

Bataan’s Rich Tapestry: The early morning drive from Manila to Bataan set the stage for an adventure with Nicole Tiamzon, Shannen Palec, and the other dedicated Spike & Serve team. Arriving in Bataan, the aroma of a local breakfast greeted us, and a volleyball court dominated by energetic kids awaited its transformation.

A Trek to Remember: Before the first serve, we embarked on a trek up the mountain, exploring a community intertwined with the echoes of the Vietnam War. The resilience of Bataan, both historically and presently, became the backdrop for the transformative power of volleyball.

LKTB’s Impact: LKTB’s commitment to making volleyball accessible to all resonated deeply. The clinic unfolded, and as the children discovered their strength on the court, it was evident that LKTB’s vision was not just a dream—it was a tangible force for change.

Documenting Dreams: Through my lens, I captured not just the game but the stories of hope and determination. From the court to the mountains, every photograph spoke of the unifying spirit of volleyball and the dreams taking root in the hearts of these children.

A Nightfall of Satisfaction: Exhausted but satisfied, we returned to Manila, the echoes of bouncing volleyballs lingering in the night. This journey wasn’t just a documentation—it was a testament to LKTB’s belief that every child, regardless of circumstance, deserves the chance to let the ball fly and dream of a brighter tomorrow.

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