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Endless Medical Advantage

Lebanon hosts approximately 1.5 million Syrian refugees, the highest number of refugees per capita in the world. Many have little or no access to affordable healthcare and are living in some of the most remote and isolated areas of the Bekaa valley.

Endless Medical Advantage supports Syrian and Lebanese medical professionals in providing sustainable healthcare services and humanitarian relief to the refugee and vulnerable communities of Lebanon.

It is a refugee-led organisation providing sustainable healthcare services and humanitarian relief support to the refugee populations and vulnerable communities across the Bekaa Valley. This initiative has been a key source of healthcare for this community and for many EMA is the only affordable and easily accessible health service available for people who have experienced displacement, hardship and loss. 

Over the last two years EMA has expanded its services from initially covering 7 camps and now working in over 40 camps across 3 geographical areas, providing direct access to the organisation’s services for approximately 15,000 beneficiaries from both the refugee and host communities.

EMA’s activities are focused on primary healthcare, dental healthcare service, rent relief and livelihood support, financial assistance for life saving medical treatments, food security and assistance in addition to public health education and awareness by their local health practitioners and international medical volunteers. 

My visit to EMA Lebanon

During an economic crisis I visited EMA Lebanon in the bekaa valley to document their work. Due to a shortage of electricity, medicine and money it is becoming increasingly difficult to help all the people. However, with private donations the organisation manages to keep supporting refugees in the area.

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